Yale Film & Video - Terms & Conditions

Yale respectfully points out that as its prices are never proportionate to the value of the film negatives, positives, originals, and video tapes entrusted to it. Customer's films, tapes and media are received, developed, duplicated, transferred and stored by Yale only at the customer's risk. Yale does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of any films or tapes delivered to it by or for the customers for any amount in excess or the replacement value of the raw films or blank tapes involved. Yale will exercise reasonable care and will exert its best efforts to produce high quality work hereunder, but does not make any warranty nor does it assume any responsibility as to the character or quality of the material or service to be furnished or provided by it hereunder, nor as to the results of any of its undertaking hereunder. Yale recommends that the customer insure all films and media against all risks. Yale shall not be liable for loss of any kind whatsoever due to delays or failure in performance caused directly or indirectly by acts of nature, strikes, failure of transportation, damage or accident to machinery or equipment, electric power failure, injury or damage to, or loss of films or tapes delivered to this company by customer, or any cause. Yale is not liable for orders left over thirty (30) days.

We realize that the artist has full and total choice of expression. However, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. As a policy, we do not and will not process, print, repair, or transfer any film containing: nudity, pornography, sexual acts (either real or simulated), lewdness, satanic, occultic, religiously blasphemous, exploitative of children, debasement of women, containing S & M, anything illegal, or in any way extremely offensive to us. Nor will we participate in the desensitization of or the glorification of killing, rape, violence, gore, suicide, torture, profanity, etc. whether in visual or audio form.

Should any media supplied by Yale be found defective, or shipped in error, Yale will replace or repair such defective media and or correct an error in shipping, provided the defective media is returned to Yale within ten (10) days after its pickup or shipment from Yale. In no event shall this company be liable for any consequential damages.

Films, tapes and media delivered to this company are accepted upon the express condition that Yale holds a lien thereon for general balance due Yale from the customer, whether in respect to processing, video transfer, DVD authoring, encoding, duplicating services, or otherwise.